Chicken Sisig

Since moving to Central Oregon, I have been cooking and learning to cook Filipino food. Basically, I’ve been finding recipe ideas for Filipino food that agrees with Ben and his American taste buds. Mind you, Ben has been respectful enough to eat whatever food my father offered him – including pinapaitan (a popular dish in the Northern Philippines, specifically in Ilocos where my father was born and raised. It is a stew consisting of goat (and/or beef) […]

10 Happy Steps: Lynn Newman for Tiny Buddha

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  – Mahatma Gandhi Here we go again, #transformationtuesdays (am I allowed to hashtag?), another week of 10 Happy Steps. This week, our ten steps are from Lynn Newman who described her past-self as someone who was not a picture of happy, wild, and free. Having gone through phases “peppered with depression, darkness, and hopelessness”, she wondered what it felt […]

Bacon-Wrapped Oven-Roasted Kalua Pork

BACON ON BACON! What’s better than eating Kalua Pork (?) – eating bacon-wrapped Kalua Pork! This awesome recipe is a combination of Happy Money Saver’s (HPM) and Tasty Island Hawaii’s (TIS) recipes. HPM came up with the bacon coverage idea and TIS, the toaster oven guideline. HPM used a slow cooker to make her Kalua Pork. I spent more or less 4 years of my adolescent life in Hawaii and I discovered the goodness that isKalua Pork […]

10 Happy Steps: Pope Francis

  In an interview with Argentinian weekly “Viva” (July 27), Pope Francis encouraged people to shun commercialism, be anti-war, and respect/protect the environment; and most importantly to “live and let live”. Here are the 10 tips he believes will bring happiness in one’s life:

Turkey Lettuce Wraps (lazy version)

Sometimes the cheapest way to cook meals is to cheat. For #bensbaon, I opted to make Lettuce Wraps with ground turkey, onions, water chestnuts, roasted peanuts, lettuce and….

Sinigang na Corned Beef

If anything can replace the warm hugs of family for a homesick Filipino-American girl, it’s Sinigang. Whether it’s with pork (which is actually my favorite), fish, shrimp, or beef, it’s just one of my comfort food.

bonjour, mon cook!

The real reason behind this website is to post anything and everything that makes me and my heart happy.  Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot and trying to cook within a budget. Something I’ve never done before.  I come from a house with a fridge and pantry that are always full of ingredients to play with: Asian condiments, various types cuts of meats – including the least desired parts. I miss having an Asian supermarket […]

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