Turkey Lettuce Wraps (lazy version)

10523545_1468703403383268_2078754084_aSometimes the cheapest way to cook meals is to cheat. For #bensbaon, I opted to make Lettuce Wraps with ground turkey, onions, water chestnuts, roasted peanuts, lettuce and….

Lee Kum Kee’s Lettuce Wraps Sauce.

A pack of LKK sauce was $3.79
1.25 lb. ground turkey  – $5.
The peanuts are from Ben’s big Costco sized can, used about 2 ounces, approx $0.35
half an organic onion- approx $0.25
water chestnuts – $0.78
lettuce was free since I didn’t buy the bag. LOL.

The whole meal’s total cost was $10.17. Cheap and easy.

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