Chicken Adobo

It seems Rico has come to the Dark Side today. He is being a little bratty and would not stop wanting to spend the day out. Can’t say I blame him though; it’s been a pretty mild winter here in Central Oregon and we haven’t had much snow, even in La Pine – the Winter Capital of Central Oregon, according to an instagram friend, @blaubeard9. The upside of this week though, we’re expecting highs of […]

Chicken Adobo Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo

I wish Rico and I weren’t having such a gloomy day. It’s been raining out in Central Oregon and well, I’m really not into cleaning muddy floors, I’d rather have a busy, messy kitchen, really. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad this morning so we were able to do our morning walk. The ritual is, get up, walk Rico and then make Ben’s baon (lunchbox). We have some leftover Chicken Adobo from a couple of days ago […]

easy-peasy broccoli beef and locally raised food.

For those close to me, they know that besides from working up a sweat in the kitchen, I have a bit of an obsession with sustainability and the green movement. Before I share today’s recipe, let’s talk about the benefits of eating locally grown/produced food.  According to Sustainable Lafayette,  there are so many important benefits from eating locally grown food such as helping local farmers, to eating for better health (even when the products aren’t organic, small farms tend […]

New Year, New Recipe! Soft Pretzels!

Out with the old, in with the new! Ben bought me a 50-, yes – FIFTY, pound bag of bread flour I surprise myself actually. I never thought I’d be baking anything that didn’t come from a box by Duncan Hines. So after dozens and dozens of pan de sal, I thought why not move on to making other things. I’ve made French Bread but wish I’ve taken better photos. They turned out okay for my first attempt […]

Get In My Belly! Korean Beef Stew (Filipino Style?)

Get in my belly! When I was in high school, my mom who is not the greatest cook (but is the greatest mom!) would occasionally cook something so good, you wish she’d cook it everyday. Once she came up with (or got the recipe from an aunt or something) a grape jelly meatball concoction. Yes, it’s just as unhealthy as it sounds but it was good at the time. She also made a mean seafood […]

Pan de Sal

Get in my belly! Pan de Sal. If you’re Filipino, it is your birthright to have had this in your belly. My nieces and nephew are all American born and they love Pan de Sal. According to the website: traveleronfoot, bread was introduced to the Filipinos by the Spaniards; they brought in wheat flour, as wheat does (or did) not grow in the Philippines, and the bread-making techniques. Preferring, bread to rice and the importance […]

Honey Sriracha Chicken

Before moving to Central Oregon, I gotta admit, I was spoiled. I didn’t have to worry about budgeting when it comes to food. It’s kinda different when you start a life with someone who is quite stingy when it comes to money. (It’s ok, Ben doesn’t read my blog. LOL.) In all honesty, I’m glad Ben likes his money. I have to learn how to save like the guy. He is awesome at it; but […]

Chicken Sisig

Since moving to Central Oregon, I have been cooking and learning to cook Filipino food. Basically, I’ve been finding recipe ideas for Filipino food that agrees with Ben and his American taste buds. Mind you, Ben has been respectful enough to eat whatever food my father offered him – including pinapaitan (a popular dish in the Northern Philippines, specifically in Ilocos where my father was born and raised. It is a stew consisting of goat (and/or beef) […]

Bacon-Wrapped Oven-Roasted Kalua Pork

BACON ON BACON! What’s better than eating Kalua Pork (?) – eating bacon-wrapped Kalua Pork! This awesome recipe is a combination of Happy Money Saver’s (HPM) and Tasty Island Hawaii’s (TIS) recipes. HPM came up with the bacon coverage idea and TIS, the toaster oven guideline. HPM used a slow cooker to make her Kalua Pork. I spent more or less 4 years of my adolescent life in Hawaii and I discovered the goodness that isKalua Pork […]

Turkey Lettuce Wraps (lazy version)

Sometimes the cheapest way to cook meals is to cheat. For #bensbaon, I opted to make Lettuce Wraps with ground turkey, onions, water chestnuts, roasted peanuts, lettuce and….

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