CR8 | I am not a Central Oregon photographer.

C’est moi, une photographist. (photographer+artist)

My name is Ana Marie but I go by "Kai". I am a bit of a francophone (studied French in college, need to brush up on it though.)
I like to dabble in creative things. I've photographed, I've designed flyers for events, I've promoted events.
I've made soap, I've cut glass, I've made envelopes and origami just for the sake of doing something new and creative.

This is where some of my works are posted. While I did graduate with a degree in International Business, a part of me will always want to work in a creative environment. Being a Libran (my astrological sign), I am predisposed to love Art, beautiful environment. I tend to spend hours looking at beautifully decorated living spaces on pinterest; I find it inspiring and quite calming.

I am not claiming to be the *insert creative professional* of your dreams. I cannot make you look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, I cannot and will not photoshop your head in their bodies either. I will capture the beauty I see in you.

With that said, I am based in Central Oregon and I am available to take portraits at your home, in nature, or wherever you may want to roam.

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