Sinigang na Corned Beef


If anything can replace the warm hugs of family for a homesick Filipino-American girl, it’s Sinigang. Whether it’s with pork (which is actually my favorite), fish, shrimp, or beef, it’s just one of my comfort food.

On our “palengke” day (market day), my boyfriend (B) and I decided to shop at Safeway near Pilot Butte in Bend, Oregon. It was actually convenient because we needed to go to Costco and Safeway was right next door. When we got to the Asian aisle, I found a few Filipino food cheats like packets for making Sinigang sa Sampalok and some banana ketchup. Naturally, I dumped a couple of packets and a bottle of banana ketchup in our cart and got a slab of brisket that I split into two portions. One for sinigang and the other for pot roast (both posted on instagram under the hashtag: bensbaon).

So I thought, I’d let you know how I ended up making my Sinigang na Corned Beef.


1-2 lbs beef brisket
1/4 lb shrimps (you can take out if you don’t care for them)
1 jicama
1-2 tomatoes
1 medium Onion
1-2 baby bokchoy
1 sinigang mix (add water as per package’s instruction. Used less water because I like my sinigang extra sour)
fish sauce (optional, a few drops for taste)

Directions: Dump brisket, jicama, onion, tomatoes, sinigang mix and water in your slow cooker and leave it alone for about 10-12 hours on low. I believe it’s about 6-8 hours on High. Leave it until you think it’s tender enough for your liking. After 10-12 hours, add the shrimps and baby bokchoy. Let it simmer a few more minutes until the shrimps are done et voila, you’re done!

Eventually, when I have my own laboratory, I mean kitchen, I would like to do this without the help of a ready mix. I want to make it completely from scratch. Oh, I forgot, it’s best served with rice. Steaming hot white rice.


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