Chicken Adobo

It seems Rico has come to the Dark Side today. He is being a little bratty and would not stop wanting to spend the day out. Can’t say I blame him though; it’s been a pretty mild winter here in Central Oregon and we haven’t had much snow, even in La Pine – the Winter Capital of Central Oregon, according to an instagram friend, @blaubeard9. The upside of this week though, we’re expecting highs of […]

Chicken Sisig

Since moving to Central Oregon, I have been cooking and learning to cook Filipino food. Basically, I’ve been finding recipe ideas for Filipino food that agrees with Ben and his American taste buds. Mind you, Ben has been respectful enough to eat whatever food my father offered him – including pinapaitan (a popular dish in the Northern Philippines, specifically in Ilocos where my father was born and raised. It is a stew consisting of goat (and/or beef) […]

Sinigang na Corned Beef

If anything can replace the warm hugs of family for a homesick Filipino-American girl, it’s Sinigang. Whether it’s with pork (which is actually my favorite), fish, shrimp, or beef, it’s just one of my comfort food.

bonjour, mon cook!

The real reason behind this website is to post anything and everything that makes me and my heart happy.  Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot and trying to cook within a budget. Something I’ve never done before.  I come from a house with a fridge and pantry that are always full of ingredients to play with: Asian condiments, various types cuts of meats – including the least desired parts. I miss having an Asian supermarket […]

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